Make Friends In... Warrington Ladies Circle

Make Friends in Warrington Ladies Circle. Ladies 18-45, Make Friends, Help People in the Local Community who are less fortunate than ourselves. Meet new people and build a network of contacts.

How to Make Friends, and influence people...

Making friends for ladies of a certain age, can sometimes, seem a daunting task. Wherever you are in the Warrington area, we can help. Whether you're new to the town, moved here in the last few years, or have been here since the day you were born. (Also if you're from the surrounding towns and villages too)

If you want to join a group of women between the ages of 18 and 45, to have fun, share a few laughs, perhaps raise a glass or three, and help others less fortunate than yourself along the way, then you've come to the right place.

How to make a Friend...

It's a truism, that to "Get a friend, you have to be a friend." And here at the Warrington Ladies Circle, we've been a friend to hundreds over the years...

If you think the Ladies Circle is all, "Knitting circles, jam making and village fairs" then your view of the Ladies Circle is sadly, 40 years out of date.

In summer 2010, Warrington Ladies Circle ran a "Bring and Buy, Swap Meet" otherwise known as a "Swishing Party", where people bring clothes they no longer wanted, swap them for others, buy clothes they fancied, and share a glass of wine, (or tea, coffee or fruit juice for the tee-totallers), listen to our music, get to meet new people, from all across Warrington, and the surrounding area, and know that the proceeds were going to a worthy cause.

In early December, we had our Xmas party at the Park Royal Hotel in Stretton, when we had a dinner, dance, drank (a little too much, if truth be told) swapped xmas presents and generally had a ball, and our recent boat trip along the Bridgwater Canal was a real hoot.

Make Friends who care...

Our members come from all walks of life.  And because we have a range of people, you'll perhaps broaden your perspective on life. You'll gain so much, from just picking the brains of those in the circle, or just having someone to share your concerns with.

You'll also perhaps be able to build a network of friends who can point you in new directions, or help with lost impetus, or share a girlie week-end with, or whatever you're looking for.

And when you're ready, if you feel upto it, perhaps step up to run for Chair, or Vice, and gain some useful skills to put on your CV.

  Make Friends with a Bear who Cares!

Want to learn more?

The Ladies Circle is not just a group of women having fun. It's so much more. Why not come and join us?

Contact us:

 Chair -

Lisa Jeffries 07837 237 648,

(That's me on the right) or

  Vice Chair - Gillian Jackson

E-mail us at:


Our Chair and Vice-Chair 2011 - Lisa & Gill


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